Legal Aid, Awareness & Women’s Rights

Empowering communities with access to justice

BORBHAG Foundation


With our commitment to “serve” our communities, we forayed into providing assistance to those in need of access to justice, courts, new techniques for dispute resolution and awareness of legal rights and responsibilities. These, we feel, are key for ensuring a just and fair society.

BORBHAG Foundation


Over the last 10 years, the BORBHAG Foundations have provided legal assistance and representation to individuals from marginalized communities. As part of our Legal Awareness Campaigns, we share knowledge on legal rights and responsibilities, and also provide legal representation to those who cannot afford legal fees.

BORBHAG Foundation


Our Co founder, a lawyer with over 19 years of legal experience has been at the forefront of our endeavors to inform and educate people. Under her guidance, we have provided legal advice and assistance to women and elderly suffering domestic violence, displacement and loss of home as a result of property disputes, among others.

She also served on the panel of the Delhi High Court Legal Services Cell where she advised and / or represented several litigants below the poverty line in their various legal cases, both civil and criminal.

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