BORBHAG Foundation
BORBHAG Foundations came into being with the passionate vision and understanding that wealth that stays with us is no wealth at all. Giving back, returning and sharing with the community that helps us grow in the first place is necessary if we are to grow further and if we truly believe in inclusive growth. We live this vision in all that we do and, in our endeavour, to serve as agents of change in society. Read More

BORBHAG Foundations forms a crucial part of our vision to serve as agents of change in Society. Living our vision of “Share”, all we do is deeply rooted in our endeavor to bring people together and enable efforts that seek to empower communities in a self-sustaining way.    

Anirudh Goswami – Founder, The BORBHAG Group

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Rural Development

Touching lives and locales around us

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Environment & Heritage Conservation

Civil society efforts for urban renewal

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Innovative models to improve access to care

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Legal Aid, Awareness & Women’s Rights

Empowering communities with access to justice

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